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Name shipibo "Metsa Ronin"

The heritage of knowledge comes from our ancestors who were great healers, doctors, merraya. Men who have given great master plants. Product of that knowledge is us.

From the age of 7 I participated in the ceremonies of my grandfather and saw that he had many patients. From the age of 12 I started to grow smaller plants - to be emetic plants, stomach wash. First to heal myself. Once all this was done, I started taking Ayahuasca and dieting to connect with the world of Ayahuasca and to be able to handle it better.

Afterwards I started to plant friendship plants and love plants such as Piripiri and more plants: Huayusa, Incaiko, Inin Rao, Nombnrao, Sacha Renaco and Para Huarmi. All this happened in a long time.

In 2010 I drank the famous master plant Nihue Rao, "air plant" and Nuya Rao, "flying plant". In 2012 I connected with two more master plants: Chaiconin Rao and Winshön.

From these plants I acquired their knowledge, their medicine and their power of healing. In the jungle there are many master plants and the knowledge is wide and infinite because one can die from one plant to another plant, another plant, another plant and so on can die and know about many plants.

There are two types of diet:

  1. It is the diet of healing and healing of the soul, mind and spirit or of any evil that exists in our body.
  2. It is the diet of learning from a master plant to know the strength of the plant, its power, its knowledge, etc.

Info: Mostly Noe is accompanied in the ceremonies of his partner Silvia Marin Garcia, Shipibo name "Chonon Mea". Since 2010 they made the same experiences and diets with the plants that are described in this text. Singing the ikaros shipibos the beautiful voice of Silivia takes everyone to a sensual and deep experience.