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Huachuma, also called San Pedro or plant that elevates. Huachuma is a purifyng plant which  cleans the body and spirit.
Drinking huachuma is a unique experience and a very special ritual it dates thousand of years back.  Trichocereus pachanoi, known for some ethnies as Huachuma,Hawaccollay, Achuma and nowadays as  San Pedro, is a blue-green coloured cactus, its bronches, cylindric and a bit curvea, can reach 7 meters height. Its beautiful flower is big and has the shape of  a bell, it’s white, and the sepals are red and orange, it grows in the high part of the Yunga region ( 200-2300 meters above sea level ) and also in the Quechua region ( 2300-3500 m.o.s.l.) between the northern provinces of Piura, Lanbayeque and la Libertad. It’s even more likely to be found in the Huancabamba valley ( Piura ) and in the Santa Cruz Quebrada, in the white cordillera ( Ancash Province ). Fenite tilamida and Mescaline are  extracted from  the white pulp of the Huachuma ,2 grans porcentage for every kilo of plant.

The preparation and use of Huachuma has a religious purpose. This is why today’s  scientists and investigators want to eliminate the wrong names people use and so recognize it  as entheogen plant. The term entheogen is derived from two words of ancient Greek, entheos and genesthai. Entheos translates as "full of god or inspired," while genesthai means "to come into being."  When one ingests Huachuma they go on a shamanic flight. Huachuma is a plant  which lets people explore the Spiritual world and it is used to  understand better the world in which we live. The person who takes it feels like floting, the body is weightless, goes into a trance, feeling no tiredness, no pain, some cry of emotion while others fall to their knees with open arms, willing to hug the  cosmos. There is a feeling of immense gratitude for  experiencing infinite peace and love.
The huachuma’s effects begin after 40 minutes and last from 12 to 20 hours. Some throw up as it is a natural part of the cleansing process.