San Pedro

What Is San Pedro?

The original name of San Pedro is Huachuma (Trichocereus Pachanoi) which means plant that elevates. It´s also been called Eleva (Visonary Plant), Hawaccollay, Achuma and plant that drunk and nowadays as San Pedro. San Pedro comes from a blue-green cactus which can reach heights of up to seven meters; its beautiful flower is large & white and has the shape of a bell. It´s sepals are red and orange. Mescaline and Fenite Tilamida are extracted from the white pulp of the plant. Only 2 grams are extracted for every kilo of plant.

San Pedro has been used by different civilizations in South America for the purpose of healing, vision, knowledge & cleansing and purifying the spiritual and physical body. Taking the plant is an experience and a very special ritual that dates back thousands of years.

The Huachuma is a plant that becomes a sacred bridge or link contacting man with different dimensions of the spiritual world. The plant helps us to better understand the world we live in. The plant first takes effect by producing somolencia or a state of sleep and a feeling of lethargy; some may feel a slight vertigo while others may feel numbness of the body. Later vision´s appear and the telepathic sense to project over time & space and fly through cosmic regions. Some go into a trance to the point of fatigue or feeling pain, some cry with emotion, others fall to their knees with open arms in an effort to merge with the cosmos and thank the universe for the feelings of infinite love and peace.

Our Ceremonies

We are doing San Pedro ceremonies in a nice and quiet area outside Cusco in the Maloca (ceremonial house). At  9 am pm we will meet at the shaman shop to drive together to the place. There you have a little time to get used to the place, go into yourself, to know the other participants and the shaman. The ceremony starts by drinking a glass of the juice of San Pedro. The shaman will start with the chants, making music.

For some persons the taste of the plant is uncomfortable so that it´s difficult to drink the juice. It helps to see the taste as part of the plant and the process – the plant will help you.

After more or less one hour you feel the effect of the plant. Your perception can change, f.e. you can see the colours more intense, your movements change etc. San Pedro has an extroversive and introverted side. On the extroversive side many people feel a strong connection and love with nature. On the introverted side San Pedro brings unconscious processes out (emotions, experiences etc.). The effect is personal – what wants to come out, comes out, if you let them.

Physically you may feel nauseas, maybe directly after drinking. Don´t vomit directly, wait at least 45 minutes. If you vomit before, you won´t feel the effect. If you have or want to vomit, it´s part of your cleansing. You vomit something out, what´s not yours anymore.

During the ceremony the shaman will sing or play music to connect with the spirits. You will have a walk to ruins of an old inca-temple to feel the connection with nature and the timeless of everything.

After some hours you´ll get fruits.

In the evening, around 6 pm, we´ll take you back to Cusco.

Info: If you prefer to sleep at the place, ask us for it.

Preparations before the ceremony

Before you do a San Pedro Ceremony we recommend you to take care of your alimentation. If you prepare yourself goog, the effect can be more direct.

We recommend not to eat meat and hot food the day before and just to use a moderate consumption of salt and sugar. Also it´s recommendable not drink alcohol and take drugs a week before. The evening before the ceremony eat a light vegetarian meal or just fruits. On the day of the ceremony don´t eat in the morning before the ceremony, come with an empty stomach.

Take comfortable an warm clothes.

For your spirit and mind take time for yourself and do spiritual practices which help you to connect with your inner world the day of the ceremony or the days before. Spend time in peaceful environment, make a walk in nature, meditate etc. – engage in activities which help you to be more aware and present.

Info: It´s possible and even very good to combine San Pedro ceremony with the Sweat Lodge ceremony.