Crucial Meditation and Personal Laws of Success

There is nothing in existence that in not controlled and sponsored by a mechanical-invariant action, which makes its factors known by real psychic laws governing the conduct and achievements of the human will.

Every human being aspires to succeed both materially ans spiritually.

And desires to possess wealth for a comfortable existence, while aspireing to enjoy love, understanding and happiness.

Usually a person who becomes successful in one aspect fails at the other, and there are rare exceptions of those who manage to get both.

Most fail because they disregard all laws that lead to success in each of these aspirations.

The Personal Law of Success, in combination with the meditation allows the practitioner to achieve crucial widespread benefits.

Crucial Meditation and Spiritual Evolution of the Self

Those who aspire to spiritual evolution and development of the inner faculties, should understand that the memory exercises, raising the potential energy of mind, without the systematic practice of Meditation Crucial does not lead to anything positive, because being the meditation key to spirituality, which does not possess cannot penetrate through doors of the planes of cosmic light.

Those wishing to obtain communication with spiritual entities, either by astral travel, or the development of clairvoyance or other powers must understand, definitively, that the degree of communication is directly related to our level of values spiritually. That is, if we are imperfect and we persist in our attempts to communicate with spirits (whatever system) to achieve such communication will be the entities of the same evolution as ourselves, or mocking entities of darkness.

So that if we want to communicate with evolved entities, first of all we must overcome our imperfections, because otherwise we are victims of impersonation and false observations of what is the spiritual world.

Meditation is crucial time enabling us to transcend our personal problems, general problems and the identification with the Divine Creator, personifies in one of its cosmic manifestations. And meditation is the key that will allow both – the spiritual evolution and the possibility of communication with the kingdom of light.

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