A shamanic cleansing refers especially to persons with problems of health, psyche, in human relations etc. It helps to resolve their problems with the help of the plant-spirits, of the animals or minerals.

It´s part of the shamanic tradition to make a cleansing for the New Year with the ambition to have a good and lucky year and to be protected by the connected spirits of the cleansing.

We are working with three different technics of the shaman cleansing which can be realized on every adequate place:

  1. Cleansing with feathers and incense
    • The cleansing will be made with the smoke of incense, the feathers and cantos of the shaman.
  2. Cleansing with plants
    • In this cleansing the shaman begs the spirit of the plants to remove the bad energies of a person.
  3. Bath of florescence
    • This cleansing will be done for good luck and protection. The shaman is using flowers, aromas and cantos.

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