The shamanic & spiritual school

The shamanic school refires to people who want to learn the shamanic technics to awaken their shaman essence. The interested persons can live with us and participate observing, helping and practicing in our program with the different shamans. The students will learn for example the chants, the work in contact with the elements, offerings to mother earth and the Apus etc. Furthermore they will help the shaman in all of his ceremonies with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, the sweat lodge and others.

The spiritual school refires to people who are interested in growing spiritually. We teach the teachings and technics of the New Mystic School (Septrionismo). The way and destination of this school is to sublimate the soul. This Peruvian school was founded in Iquitos in 1968 by Claudio Javier, with the spiritual name Shikry Gama. The students of our spiritual school will learn f.e. the Crucial Meditation, the control of their emotions and their mind, to know themselves, astral journeys, etc.

It´s possible to participate as a paying student or as a working volunteer in our program. You can coordinate the participation form and the time of your residence and study and choose from the contents of the shaman and spiritual school.

The difference between the shamanism and the spirituality

In the shamanism or the animism you get in contact with the terrene powers to work with them, for the good or the bad. In the spirituality you connect with the forces of the cosmos or god to walk to the light. This is the difference between one and another.

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