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The Ayahuasca medicine is used by Shamans to cure illnesses and to communicate with the spirits.

San Pedro

Known as the plant that elevates, San Pedro is a purifyng plant which cleans the body and spirit.

Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodges have historically offered physical and spiritual benefits all around the world.


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My 1st Ayahuasca experience was all over the place – lots of short visions, but at the same time it was really affirming. I got some confirmation that I am on the right track when few vision took me by storm and shaked my core being, and it all resulted having goosebumps which are the best indicators for me that I am walking my inspired destiny.

The icaros that Shaman Kush and his Shibibo friends, Noel and Silvia, were singing took me even deeper on the journey less traveled. I enjoyed every minute of the journey.

The setting of the maloca, the atmosphere and the energy was perfect!

Elsa Saks

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