Who Are We?

Our Healers

Shaman Kush

Shaman Kush

My spiritual name is Kush. I was born in Huaraz/Peru the 9th of 9th 1954. Since my childhood I have been different to the rest of my family. When I was 18 years old, I started my spiritual search frequenting religions and philosophies. I travelled for many parts of the world, for example South America, Europe and India.

I lived 5 years in various villages and ethnos in the Amazon where I studied and learned of different mystic schools. There I made my first contacts with Ayahuasca and the shamanism.I met my spiritual master (Shikry Gama), the founder of the new mystic called septrionism. I´m initiated in this new spiritual way. In all this years of practice I learned the arts of the spirituality which I´m still continuing to learn to sublimate my soul.

My master introduced me to the world of the mastery of the Inca and I knew the spiritual guide of the Incas (Inka Manko Kali). Because of his suggestions I got initiated to a shaman. Since this time I´m using my knowledge to serve the people.

In the shaman ceremonies Inka Manko Kali assist me connecting me by the forces of nature and giving me the knowledge and the power to heal and help to everybody who needs it. In the spiritual ceremonies I have the assistance of septrionism guides who support me giving me the light and the comprehension which supports me to help to the participants and to myself.

Now I have experiences with the shamanism and spiritualism since more than 40 years. Learning from different shamans, religions and philosophies of the world and making the healing-work I developed the knowledge that I have today. I love to use this knowledge to help to everybody who is searching for help on the shaman or spiritual way of healing.

Silvia Marin García

Silvia Marin García

Shipibo name “Chono Mea”

She accompanies Noé “Metsa Ronin” in the ceremonies. Since 2010 they have made the same experiences and plant-diets. When Silvia is singing the shipibo ikaros, her beautiful voice takes everybody into a deep and sensual experience and connection with the plants.

Noé Romeo López López

Noé Romeo López López

Shipibo name “Metsa Ronin”

The heritage of the knowledge comes from our ancestors who were big healer, medicos, merraya – human beings who were dieting big master plants. We are the product of this knowledge now.

Since 7 years old, I participated in the ceremonies of my grandfather and saw that he had many patients. Since 12, I began by dieting minor plants – purging plants, stomach washing plants. First purpose was to heal myself. After doing this, I started to take Ayahuasca and dieted to connect with the world of Ayahuasca and to learn to handle it.

After this I already started with the diet of plants of friendship and love like the Piripiri and more plants: Huayusa, Incaiko, Inin Rao, Nombnrao, Sacha Renaco and Para Huarmi. I spend a long time doing this.

In 2010 I dieted with the famous master plant Nihue Rao, “plant of the air” and Nuya Rao, “flying plant”. In 2012 I connected with two more master plants: Chaiconin Rao and Winshön.

I got the knowledge of these plants, their medicine and their healing-power. The jungle has many master plants and the knowledge of them is wide and infinite. You can make different diets with various types of plants.

There are two types of diets:

  1. It´s the diet of healing of the soul, the mind and the spirit or of any bad which exists in our body.
  2. It´s the diet of learning from a master plant to know his forces, power, knowledge etc.

Info: Mostly Noé´s wife Silvia Marin García, with the shipibo name “Chono Mea”, accompanies him in the ceremony. Since 2010 they made the same experiences and plant-diets, which are described in the text above. When Silvia is singing the shipibo ikaros, her beautiful voice takes everybody into a deep and sensual experience and connection with the plants.